Agreements Web Needs Permission To Access Resources In Your Organization

Azure AD offers advanced multi-factor authentication, first-class security features, a network of 20 different identity providers, and self-service password change and reset, among many other features. If you enable these features for your Azure AD users, Citrix Cloud can use these features automatically. You can see a section called app records. You must select Yes to allow new permissions for third-party applications such as meeting room 365. Hello @YASWANTHM-MSFT, I have the same problem as @rajmusuku and Admin Center > Azure AD > users and groups > user settings> “Users can agree that apps access company data on their behalf” is already enabled. I want to enable AAD authentication for my azure storage account archives @rajmusuku. On your admin portal, go to Admin Center> Azure AD > users and groups > user settings and make sure that “users can accept apps that access company data on their behalf” are enabled. If this option is defined as “Yes,” non-administrator users can save custom applications for use in this directory. If this option is defined as not, only users with an admin role can save these types of applications. What have you done with your administrator to remedy this situation? If the problem has been resolved by the above solution and the user can connect to the Signatures app management, you can go back to the previous settings. After connecting Azure AD to Citrix Cloud, you can allow your subscribers to be authenticated in their workspaces via Azure AD.

Some organizations can control the use of enterprise applications in Office 365 by limiting the ability to allow users to use third-party multi-channel applications that access user profile data in Azure Active Directory. “ReadAndWrite Need admin approval – ReadAndWrite needs permission to access your organization`s resources that only an administrator can grant. Ask an administrator to want this app before you can use it. Note: This article applies to organizations that use federated identification, z.B. ADFS You are invited to accept the permissions that the Read-Write app requires meeting room 365 for Office 365 used Office 365 Single-Sign on, an OAuth 2.0-compatible service to securely access calendar data stored in the Office 365 resource domain.