Bolton Council Tenancy Agreement

A big difference in using the bond guarantee plan compared to the tenant who pays for it is that there is no money involved. This reduces the financial burden on the resident of Bolton. Instead, the system is a guarantee from the Council that, in the event of damage or delay at the end of the agreement, the government will bear these costs. But then the Council will also track all these expenses by the tenant. During your rental, fees may be incurred depending on your circumstances and the different options you can choose. All fees are included: £50 (VAT included) per replacement rental or any reasonable costs incurred if higher: -The tenant will work with accommodation option services and citizens Advice in all areas, from employment needs to budgeting and money. -Ongoing checks take place at the Bolton property to look for damage, investigate complaints or other challenges. Thus, all losses (financial or property) are covered by the value of the loan. Deposit* – A maximum rent of 1 week (per rental agreement) * This can be a non-refundable professional cleaning payment (if required) – (£18.00 per hour with a minimum fee of £36.00 deducted from the deposit.