St Lucia Teachers Union Collective Agreement

Public service unions are tightening the screws on the government because of incomplete negotiations on the 2016-2019 collective agreement. They want the negotiations to be concluded and they are angry… St. Lucia Teachers` Union President Julian Monrose says the union has the right to protest the way the Ministry of Education has made its decision on corporal punishment in schools. … The St. Lucia Teachers` Union (SLTU) and other education unions are lobbying the government to negotiate in good faith and respond to legitimate requests from educators. He points out that “every school on the island has been affected, the teachers were unanimous in their efforts and have made it clear that they are taking their demands very seriously,” he concludes: “We are confident that the government will return this time.” Public sector unions and the government`s bargaining team (NTG) are moving quickly to end negotiations on the 2016-2019 collective agreement until the 28th of this month, two days before the… ACCORD ENTRE THE GOVERNMENT OF SAINT-LUCIE (hereafter referred to as the employer) AND THE UNION SAINTE-LUCIE TEACHER (hereafter referred to as Union) Article 1 TITLE This agreement was reached on the first day of April 2007 between the government of St.

Lucia, the latter called The Employer, and the Union of Theatres of St. Lucia, Article 2 PURPOSE This agreement was concluded for the following purposes: – (a) b) (c) (c) (d) (d) In order to maintain good collective bargaining between the employer and the Union; Promoting the mutual interests of the employer and its workers; Achieving the highest performance of staff, consistent with good health and safety; setting wages, wages and conditions of employment in accordance with wages, wages and working conditions in comparable positions of work and responsibilities; put in place procedures for the prompt resolution of complaints between the employer and the Union, to ensure that the work takes place without interruption until complaints and/or disputes are resolved. 4 “We are in a situation where we do not have a collective agreement,” said Julian Monrose, president of the St. Lucia Teachers` Union (SLTU). Article 24 DRINKING WATER AND TOILET FACILITY The employer undertakes to take action in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act Chapter 16.02 of the revised st. Lucia 2001 laws. Article 25 HEALTH, SAFETY and SAFETY 1. The employer is committed to ensuring the health, safety and safety of workers covered by this agreement, in accordance with the provisions of the 1995 Labour Protection Act (Law 10) and Disaster Management Act 2. The employer undertakes to remedy, within a reasonable time, any working condition that does not comply with the standards set out in the above acts or that has been deemed by qualified personnel to be dangerous to the health, safety and safety of the teacher. 3. The employer is committed to adopting an appropriate code of conduct for HIV/AIDS, which contains policy guidelines for the teaching service.