Va Landlord Tenant Agreement

13. Comply with all reasonable landlord rules and rules; 4. The tenant is late to a provision of the tenancy agreement that seriously affects the health and safety of himself or others. Maintaining the act in this section does not absolve the lessor of the intended liability. 55.1-1226. G. At the landlord`s request to evacuate a tenant, or to evacuate the tenant`s intention within five days of receiving the landlord`s notification, the landlord has the written right to the tenant`s tenant to be reimbursed when the landlord inspects the housing unit to determine the amount of the deposit. If the tenant wishes to be present at the inspection, he communicates in writing to the landlord who, in turn, informs the tenant of the date and time of the inspection, which must be carried out within 72 hours of the handover of the property. After the extract review, the lessor must provide the tenant with a written security account statement, including a broken down list of claims. If additional damage is found by the landlord after the order, there is no need to interpret in this section what prevents the lessor from recovering such damages against the tenant, provided, however, that the tenant can provide a copy of the extract report to support the tenant`s position that such additional damage was not caused at the time of the examination of the extract. “application fee”: any non-recoverable tax paid by a tenant to a landlord or administrative representative to be considered a tenant of a dwelling unit. one.

A qualified tenant or tenant who has made a court decision in accordance with this decision. 16.1-279.1 or subsection B of the S. 20-103, which granted this tenant to the exclusion of one or more licensed tenants or tenants in possession of the premises, may provide the lessor with a copy of this court injunction and require the lessor (i) to install a new padlock or other security devices at the exterior doors of the landlord`s dwelling unit, either (ii) authorizes the tenant or authorized occupant to do so. , if: 13. The information is requested by the lessor to be made available to the main representative or a successor to the executive representative; or at the request of the owner, any personal property removed in accordance with this section is placed in a storage area designated by the owner, which may be the dwelling unit. The Tenant has the right to remove personal property from the owner-designated storage area at reasonable times during the 24 hours following the evacuation or at other reasonable times, until the landlord has disposed of the property in accordance with this section.